JHB Hope Foundation is a Global Outreach Ministry that seeks to share an unprecedented message of love, compassion and hope to the less privileged. Our mandate is to show God’s love by helping those in urgent need of basic life necessities such as clean water, food, healthcare, good education and others.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we partner with both local and international community members including churches and government agencies. Our headquarters is located in Baltimore Maryland.


Our mission is to strategically identify the needs of poverty-stricken populations within different geographical regions and implement humanitarian projects that will positively impact the lives of those in the regions while encouraging self-sufficiency and sustainability. Our key initiatives are:

  • Providing access to clean water
  • Providing access to quality health care and resources
  • Providing access to quality education
  • Initiating or supplementing feeding programs



Our vision is to restore hope and impact the world positively with the love of God by giving a helping hand to all people around the world who are in urgent need of care and attention. We believe in following the mandate by Jesus Christ that we should feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and be hospitable to them regardless of their backgrounds. Through our work, we believe that we will add value to the lives of those we help and inspire them to achieve their God-given purpose in life.

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