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    • Several children, especially in the poorest nations do not have access to basic primary education.

    • According to new data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), 67 million children were out of school globally during the school year ending in 2009.

    • In two-thirds of sub-Saharan African countries with available data, more than 30% of primary students who start school are expected to drop out before they reach the last grade of primary education.

    • We provide school supplies to poor families.

    • We award scholarships to children from poor families.

    • We partner with other organizations to establish libraries and provide educational resources.

JHB Hope Foundation donates library in Ajegunle (Lagos, Nigeria)

We partnered with Lot's Charity to establish a social center for kids
in the community. The goal of the center is to keep kids engaged
in educationally stimulating activities, thus keeping them off the streets.
Specifically, JHB Hope Foundation sponsored a library fully equiped
with reading materials.

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