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Hope Foundation 2019 Accomplishments

Completed Well in Ogundeji Village in Nigeria



Garments for Africa (Kenya)

Shipment of Clothes


Distrubution of the clothes




Completed Well in Chad 

Two boreholes were drilled and made available to the people of Ambata and Koundul communities of N’Djamena Chad respectively


           Beginining of the Installation                                                            The Drilling Process


Finalizing the Instalization                                    Children having fun pumping water   


                  Children having fun pumping water                  The Borehole with no head pump for security reasons


                                                                                 The Finished Borehole  


Completed Well in Koundul, Chad:


Beginining of Installation                                                     Pipes to be installed and workmen


The drilling process                                                      Installation of the pump head


                                  The borehole with no head pump for security reasons                                 The finished borehole


Completed Well in Harare, Zimbabwe

Working of the Wells


Completed Well in Naluwelele- Manafwa, Eastern Uganda




Mission Trip To Harare, Zimbabwe

  • Medical Outreach at the Mabvuku Women's Clinic


  • Commissioning of Tafara Clean Water Borehole Tafara District, Harare


  • Visit to the Parirewa High School and Community Center



  • Medical Oureach to Educate Mabvuku High School Students on the importance of Clean Water and Hygiene most importantly in the use of water and Sanitary Napkins


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