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Hope Foundation 2017 Accomplishments


 Garment for Africa

    Garments for Africa is our yearly clothing drive where we accept clothes, toys and shoes. These are the people of Burundi, Uganda receiving the remaining 3 drums for their church members during Christmas. 



With Municipal water just limited to the towns, rural communities are left to compete with livestock for the meagre water facilities left as well as streams and ponds. This has exacerbated the incidents of water related diseases. Also, precious time is waisted in queues by women and children alike resulting in lower productivity and school dropouts. For some time now the Upper East Region has been faced with severe drought arising from climate change thereby compounding the already devastating plight of the rural folks. This project is therefore aimed at arresting current situation adequately. 


Haiti Clothing and Toy Drive

Completed Well/Borehole in Bangladash




Completed Borehole in Chad 2017



           Borehole Underway in Ibadan, Nigeria 2017


                                                                          Drilling for the borehole in progress.



   Here's a clip on the just completed mission trip to Bangladesh, be sure to visit and follow us on both our instagram and    
   twitter pages -@jhbhope for more #Bangladesh2017

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