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Hope Foundation 2015 Accomplishments


Wells Built in 2015

Well in Nakwero Village, Uganda
This well was built in Nakwero village in Uganda; these people are without sources of clean water. They have limited resources, which has been impossible to address the problem of every area with water crisis in Nakwero Village.
      Before the well this was their main water source
Building of New Well
3 of the tanks installed.               Machine used to at 50ft deep                     75ft Deep ,3 meters wide.
                                                     to get to the stone before pure
                                                     water began to come out.






The well being covered

 Comissioning of the Well



Mission Trip to Uganda



Please check out video of our 2015 Mission Trip to Uganda


Well in Bekora, Cameroon
This well was built in Bekora village in Cameroon; these people are without sources of clean water.



Completed Well showing the people drinking water






Mymensingh, Bangladesh

    Bangladesh has a great need for clean water to the less privileged, Bangladesh is know as being a poor nation. Having this well will help provide clean water and help marginize the society.

                    Below is a video to show the current state in Bangladesh, before the well is built.

Completed Well


Walk for Wells 2015

  We had our 5th Annual 5k Walk for wells. We had over 200 registrations and we were able to raise about $26,000. This will help with building more wells and impacting more lives.

 Please see video below for highlights.

Garment for Africa

    Garments for Africa is our yearly clothing drive where we accept clothes, toys and shoes. This year's drive is going to the families in Burundi, Uganda.