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Hope Foundation 2011 Accomplishments


Giving Back to the Community

One of our local key event is our quarterly “Giving back to the Community” by our Community Outreach Ministry, feeding & clothing the homeless in Baltimore City & recently due to the economic downturn, the number of folks in need escalated and people with good paying jobs found themselves and their family in great need.


This initiative apart from feeding & clothing the Homeless population, also distribute free food and hygienic supplies to the not so privileged and/or the needy, all through the past few years, on a quarterly basis, JHB team members will go out into the community to minister to the people we serve and so far the impact has been great and the joy brought to the families have been wonderful, encouraging and rewarding. We provided free food and hygienic supplies to an average of 150 homes each quarter with family members of about 350 to 450 people.

Thanksgiving Outreach – “Making A difference Initiative”

This event is one of our signature events for the year. Every Thanksgiving, the entire membership of Jesus House Baltimore, before we cook for our families, we go into Baltimore City to Feed and Clothe the “not so privileged, the working poor & especially the Homeless” amongst us.


 South Western Part of Nigeria – Villages in Ibadan & Ado-Ekiti:

Currently, we are operating in the South Western part of Nigeria, where the water crisis has been a major challenge. In response to the Water & Sanitation crisis in Nigeria, JHB-Hope Foundation has initiated a program aimed at improving access to safe drinking water and improving sanitation practices in Nigeria through our Water & Sanitation programs, we provide clean drinking water by digging Wells/Bore Holes for clean drinking water in rural areas that are in high need in Nigeria. This is also to help stop water borne diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera, etc that are curable and no-longer in existence in most advanced countries.

Before Wells


Completed Wells

Some of the completed and ongoing projects in partnership with the locals and Churches in the area are in Jano, Ibadan, Camp & Olosun Ibadan, Samounda, Ibadan via Immanuel College Chapel and Iworoko Ado-Ekiti. Nigeria.


Feeding Program

We have been working all around in the African continent, especially in Liberia; initiated a Feeding Program in partnership with Fatima Cottage Orphanage in Liberia; where the war left a lot of Orphans & Widows creating extreme poverty. The Feeding program is to bring Hope, help alleviate hunger & starvation, ensuring no Child goes to bed hungry. We feed an average of 150 children in the Orphanage with the hope that a full stomach will help improve their cognitive learning ability, help them concentrate more in school and become a better person in the society.


Children in Orphanage


Feeding Program









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